Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

So here we are in the South of France, where the sun always shines and the palm trees wave in the balmy breeze…  but then along comes winter and for once the forecasters at Meteo France get it right, and it looks like this 🙂


And it’s still beautiful, even with all the snow.  And then you go outside and all of a sudden it feels as though the whole village has changed, because the snow muffles noises, and you can’t hear very much going on.




And perhaps that’s also because there really is not much going on.  Anyone with any sense will stay indoors and cozy up by the heater with a good book, and certainly not think about taking the car.


Tomorrow the sun will shine again, and it’ll all melt almost as quickly as it fell…


And that’ll be us done with snow for another few years!! Or so we think…


So this was the most snowfall since 50 years ago – the radio said so in the morning.  All the same, it’s melting, but while it’s still white everythwere I’m enjoying it thoroughly!


Drinks anyone?


17 thoughts on “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

  1. How lovely Saint-Chinian looks in the snow, and how different. You caught some lovely photos, which I love. I will probably never see the village in the snow except for your pictures.


  2. Bugger! This is what we wanted to see LAST year but we had to settle for just ice and cold. If it’s any consolation to you Andreas it was 42 degrees in Canberra yesterday and 45.8 in Sydney!!!!! Hottest day on record in Sydney and bloody warm here also.


  3. Wonderful photos! Reminds me of the “one hundred year” snow in Nice (two years in a row!), when they forgot to shut off the city fountains…skating party! We Minnesotans know snow, so had no problems driving, but saw MANY fender-benders!


    • Sounds like the fountains could have looked pretty interesting!! Didn’t venture out at all, so did not see any accidents, but I know that they stopped lorries from attempting the Col de Fontjun – too dangerous while it was snowing.


  4. Hi Andreas, nice to see our St Chinian with snow, fine photos. Could send you some fine photos from a snowy Sweden too, have about 20 cm snow and -16 degrees yesterday. But that´s of course the way it should be here at this time of the year. Hope to find a warmer and greener town when we arrive in June.


    • Hi Hans-Olov, I’m glad it’s not as cold in St Chinian as it is in Sweden!! Our snow has all melted, and with the rain and snow we’ve had this winter I’m sure it’ll be a beautiful spring! It should still be green in early summer for sure!


  5. Lovely to see the pictures of St. Chinian in the snow. The Vernazobre is a wonderful picture (and looks like it is frozen?). Note the lack of customers at Cafe Balcon!


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