Food Fest

I feel that of late I’ve been neglecting the food side of things.  You all know that the best foods and restaurants are to be found in France ;-), so I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of the restaurants I’ve been to over the past few months.  Who knows, it might whet your appetite to try them for yourself!  But just one word before this food-fest starts:  don’t think that I do nothing but eat out in restaurants!!  I’ve just not been very diligent in writing about the restaurant visits this year!!

Restaurant Le Petit Nice in Roquebrun has a lovely location overlooking the river and the bridge built in the 1870’s.  The menu has not changed much ever since I’ve known this restaurant, but the food is good, the service friendly and the views superb!

I have written about Restaurant de l’Orb in Cessenon sur Orb before, and I’ve been back for another couple of meals since my first visit.  It’s been very good each and every time!

Restaurant Fleurs d’Olargues in Olargues has the best view of the village, with a terrace overlooking the bridge and the village on the hillside beyond.  The restaurant is owned and run by a Danish family, who have created a wonderful place for good food!  Summer evenings on the terrace don’t come any more romantic!

L’Auberge de Mauroul is located in Mauroul, a tiny little village lost in the hills.  The drive is stunning and the food very good.  Don’t miss their aligot, a wonderfully rich potato puree with cheese!

Demeure de Flore is a hotel and restaurant in Lacabarade, on the D612 which connects St Chinian to Mazamet.  I went for lunch there with friends and had a lovely afternoon.  Lunch was inside as it felt a little too cool on the terrace, but we managed to take our coffee outside when the sun came out and the wind had dropped.  Francesco di Bari, the owner of Demeure de Flore, keeps the grounds looking pristine, and it was lovely sitting outside soaking up the sunshine.

L’Asphodele in Oupia is a fairly recent and modern restaurant, and seemingly the only restaurant in this post without a dedicated internet site.  The service was friendly and efficient and the food very good, even though it was not quite as photogenic as it might have been.

I have probably posted about L’Appaloosa in Bize Minervois before.  Rachel and Jean-Marc are always very welcoming, and the food has never disappointed!

La Selette in Cabezac is always reliable, and generally very busy, so it’s important to book a table, especially in the evenings!

Bon Appetit!!

10 thoughts on “Food Fest

  1. Hi Andreas, I read this one a bit late but my mouth is watering. We have a lovely photo os Sue dishing up the alego at Quatre Saison before the owners moved. You forgot to say beware of the cat at La Selette (remember the night we went there with yourself and Anthony and the cat made himself at home on my lap)!!!


    • Hi Wayne, Glad you enjoyed this post, and that it brought back memories!! I completely forgot about the cat at La Selette, haven’t seen it on the last couple of visits, but no doubt it’s still around somewhere!!


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