Unexpected pleasures

Last Friday, friends stopped by to say hello, and to ask whether I would like to join them for dinner at Cafe de la Paix in St Chinian that same evening.  I’m always up for going out to eat at a restaurant, and Cafe de la Paix had just had a bit of a makeover, so it was perfect timing!  The makeover appeared to have been concentrated mainly on the bar, which you walk through in order to get to the restaurant.  I thought that the dining room might have had a makeover too, but my friends assured me that the colour scheme had been in place for some time.  I had walked through the dining room to the garden at the back of the restaurant, when I visited the last few times, but I can’t have been paying any attention :).  Sorry Cafe de la Paix!

Severine, the waitress who had served our table on my previous visit, was on duty again.  The menu appeared to have changed little, but the presentation of the food had changed a great deal!!

Here are our starters:

After a brief wait, a bit of wine, and a lot of chatting and laughing, our main courses arrived:

More laughter, wine and chat followed the main courses, and our desserts arrived shortly after Severine had taken our order:

What a wonderful evening!!  To be repeated!

Cafe de la Paix is located on Grand Rue in St Chinian, and open daily except Sunday evening and Monday all day.  Make sure to book a table if you are planning to visit in the summer – the tables in the beautiful garden at the back of the restaurant are sought after!  Prices range from EUR 12.90 for the three course lunch menu, which includes a 1/4 litre of wine (not Sundays or holidays), to EUR 31.00 for a five course menu.  The prices for the menus in between those two are EUR 19.00 and EUR 23.00, both for three courses.

16 thoughts on “Unexpected pleasures

  1. We have been to La Paix quite a few times. To us the food is really nice home style French food that we just can’t get in Australia. The portions were huge, the entrees are really main course size!!!!! The price on weekdays especially is ridiculously cheap for what you get and we always loved the quality.


  2. Andreas – Thanks for reminding us of Cafe de la Paix. It will be a good place to take our next visitors as it is pretty typical of restaurants in the area. With lots of the locals enjoying the food and drink. Deidre


  3. Wow, I am a bit surprised at how cheap it is for such a gorgeous, classy meal with wine too! If it tastes as good as it looks I’d eat there every week! Where I live, to get food like that you’re going to be spending like EUR 100. @_@


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