Tucked away . . .

. . .  in a valley along the Orb River, is the little village of Vieussan.  If you approach it from the direction of Berlou, along the D177, you round a corner and find the village scattered on the hill on the other side of the river, almost as if someone had emptied a box of toy houses over it.  The road from Berlou to Vieussan winds and twists across the hills, and affords the most gorgeous views – well worth the drive!


I had a reason for driving to Vieussan on that particular day:  I was to have lunch with friends at Le Lezard Bleu in Vieussan.  It’s a restaurant that sits unassumingly by the side of the road, a building just like any other, save for the distinctive pale blue shutters.  A blue iron gate leads to ancient stone steps, which take you up to the first floor and a terrace that overlooks the road.  Inside, the old floor tiles are beautifully patterned.


At the back of the building is an enormous garden, where old trees shade the tables – that’s where we all sat for our meal!


The price of the three-course lunch menu was 15.50 Euro and the food was simple but very well cooked.  The starter was a refreshing salad of water melon, feta cheese, red onion and black olives.  Pretty as a picture and oh-so-delicious!


The main course of the day was loin of pork with a grainy mustard sauce, served on mashed potatoes with rocket.



For dessert we had little strawberry tarts – pastry shells filled with cream, and topped with fresh strawberries.  They were delicious and disappeared before I had a chance to photograph them!!

After our wonderful lunch we went for a little stroll – across the road and down to the river, to just below the stone bridge that spans the Orb River.


It’s a great spot for swimming in the summer!  If you go on a canoeing trip from Roquebrun, you could come by here too!

We retraced out steps towards the road, but turned right before we got all the way there.  A path runs parallel to the river, and along the vegetable gardens which are so typical of the area.

If you would like to experience Le Lezard Bleu for yourself, be sure to book – they have a limited amount of seating.  You can contact the restaurant either by phone (+33 467 971 021) or by e-mail (manuerik.kat@free.fr).


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