All things bright and beautiful

Here’s to another year!!

And here’s what I would like to wish you: May 2016

  • bring peace
  • be joyous
  • be full of health
  • sparkle with exciting adventure
  • be full of sunshine
  • bring you prosperity
  • be enjoyable!

Whilst writing this post I was thinking back to when I first started this blog in 2013.  Back then I couldn’t have imagined that I would never have to look very far for subjects to write about.  Can you tell that I am still enjoying the discoveries which I am making when I write and research my weekly posts?  Writing has allowed me to look at things differently, to pay more attention as I go through life.  Is there anything you would like me to write about?  What has been your favourite post?  Do please let me know by leaving a comment at the end of this post!

IMG_0870On one of my walks in late December, I came across a grove of mimosa trees, where several of the trees were already in full flower!  The grove is in a little dell, not all that far from the cooperative winery in Saint-Chinian, and on the side of a hill.  The trees nearest the track seemed to be getting the most sun, as they were the ones flowering.  It was a glorious sight to behold, and the scent was heavenly.

I wasn’t the only one to appreciate the blossom, the bees were out in force for a winter feast.  The mimosa trees usually flower from late January onwards, but because of the mild winter, many trees are flowering much earlier than usual.

Here is a video I took (e-mail subscribers, please visit the website to watch the video) – please make sure that your speakers are turned on!!


10 thoughts on “All things bright and beautiful

  1. Thank you for your posts! I like the walking/biking episodes where you describe the countryside,and the buildings in the small towns around you. Also the festivals – very much want to visit, also!

    Thank you, Bonnie Peterson

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  2. Love your blogs, especially details of surrounding villages, we are making a note and will hopefully be able to visit some of them. We can’t wait to be in lovely St.Chinian again, so looking forward to February. Love to you and Anthony Jacquie Hewitson

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  3. Happy New Year Andreas and thank you, I enjoy all your posts. I like the ones about food and the artisan craftsmen……so inspiring and informing. Can’t wait to get back to St Chinian!


  4. Oh yes, this and all your posts on the blog are enjoyable reading, especially as we are “armchair travellers” for the time being. Please keep up the great work Andreas. We would love to return to beautiful St Chinian one day, in the meantime we’ll keep reading! PS I think my favourite post is the one from a few months back where you described the day’s outing at the vineyard with an extended lunch – in parts – as you moved around the estate. Sorry I can’t remember the title but I’m hoping you’ll know the one I mean.


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