First of the season

The return of the sunny weather has also seen the start of the flea market season.  From now until mid-September, Saint-Chinian will be hosting a vide grenier or flea market almost every Saturday!!  You can find details of the dates on the official Saint-Chinian website – move your mouse pointer over the highlighted dates on the calendar, and it will show up the events for that day.

I went to a vide grenier recently and found some amazing things!

This set of plates and dishes was for sale for only 30 Euros!!

IMG_4474 IMG_4473

This hair drying attachment looks as though it is from quite a while ago, when a lot of women would dry their hair while wearing curlers.


Here’s an eclectic selection – the vendor was emptying her uncle’s house!


This must have been a precursor to todays much more sophisticated electric barbecues.  The small yellow and white boxes contain razor blades, and they have nothing whatsoever to do with the BBQ!.


This table had a mixture of old and very old books:


Some of it was tempting, but over the years I’ve learnt to be very selective!! 😇


The fashion plates showed some amazing clothes AND hairdos!


Sacks such as these would have been used to transport all manner of things – the imprinted labels give a clue as to what the contents would have been.


So there you have it – a taster of what there is in store in Saint-Chinian and the surrounding area.  If you love rummaging and are fond of finding a bargain then this is definitely for you!!

10 thoughts on “First of the season

  1. We went to a bunch of vide greniers a couple of weekends ago but I didn’t find anything amazing. We went in the afternoon, and the best stuff is sold early. But we got some sconces with crystal pampilles, so it wasn’t a washout.

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