Why we are here

This guest post was written by Lori – her home town is in British Columbia, Canada and she co-owns Mirabilis, a vacation rental house in St. Chinian, with her husband Mark.

I wonder if we will ever get over the beauty of visiting the South of France, 🇫🇷 and for us especially the Languedoc area?  With the vast differences in local landscapes, you can drive 35 minutes to the cool breezes of the sea or 20 minutes the other way to the stunning village of Roquebrun and the regional park landscape.  At home in Canada this would require 2 different provinces and a 6-7 hour drive to achieve such diversity.

Right in the middle of these two landscapes, my husband bought us a renovation project vacation house in the loveliest little wine town called Saint-Chinian.  Every year we manage to escape our regular grind of life and make our way to Saint-Chinian for a glorious three weeks of French bliss!  We know we are home the moment we park our little rental car in the lay-by overlooking Saint-Chinian, with the mountains in the distance.  We open the doors to be greeted by the sound of the singing cicadas. After a big deep breath, smiles take over our faces and instant relaxation sets in.  We travel the winding road down the steep valley into the downtown with excitement to see what is the same and what has changed since our last visit. Driving down the road beside the market square, it’s wonderful to see the elderly people sitting on the benches, having conversations and watching life.  As we turn the corner to drive down the road to our house, we ask each other the burning question: “Will there be parking available outside the house?”  YES!
After unpacking, we start with the deliberations as to which of the many restaurants on the Main Street will we walk to for dinner, knowing full well that my favourite restaurant “Le Village” will be the chosen one!
After years of vacations, it is super nice to be recognized by the proprietors and villagers and sometimes overhear, “It’s the Canadians”.  Market day I have to find our friend with the clothing stand for some idle chitchat and to purchase a couple of dresses, which is what he has come to expect. Summertime is amazing, with Artisan Night Markets, two major weekly morning markets, flea markets (like an immense yard sale) on Saturdays, outdoor movies on Thursdays, wine tasting events, music concerts, great restaurants, walking tours and endless people watching.

I would say that this is such a great spot to come and have a vacation because there is something for everyone. People fall in love with this area and they keep coming back!

If you ever wanted to have a vacation in this lovely area, then don’t hesitate!!! Until next year!







9 thoughts on “Why we are here

  1. No Friday is the same without Midihideways popping up in my “in” box”. A million times thank-you Andreas, for the joy and interest you bring to us every week. Best to you and Anthony, We hope fervently that 2018 will be the year of our return visit to St. Chinian.. Patty Carrigan

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  2. We have only been to the area once, for about 10 days, and I long to return. The beauty and the pace are so enticing. Do not hesitate to visit this wonderful region.

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  3. Hi Lori, my wife Sue and I spent a year in St Chinian (from Australia) in 2011/12 and were the first tenants in your house after you finished renovating for the final 6 months of our stay. You have a great place and we very much enjoyed our time there. We have been back to St Chinian twice for a month each time (2014 and May 2017). We love the town and the district but more so the people. We made many friends which is why we go back there to visit.

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  4. Can not remember how I stumbled on your blog. We are Canadians living in in British Columbia…we go to France every year for two months. Your guest bloggers were great we will check out this area….maybe someday we might meet🤗

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