Smile!  😀

You will have read by now that the population of France has been confined to their homes since noon last Tuesday.  Extreme measures in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus!  President Macron announced a 15 day period in which people are to stay indoors, and I have a feeling that this may be extended.  We’ll see how effective it will be, and how people are going to be able to live with this perceived loss of liberty.  Personally, I am not particularly bothered.  I have everything I need at home, and plenty of small projects to finish, books to read, etc.  I’ll have time to telephone friends and family, write e-mails, and catch up with all kinds of things.  I might even be able to start work again on my long-shelved cook book project!!  Now, wouldn’t that be something??  🙂

People will be allowed to leave their homes to go to work if they cannot work remotely, or are working for one of several essential services (electricity, water, medical, food, etc.), to go shopping for essential supplies, to visit their doctor or pharmacy, for imperative family visits (childcare or care of elderly relatives), and for physical exercise or dog walking, the last two are to be done in strict isolation.  The food shops will remain open, and no doubt the shelves will eventually be re-stocked with pasta, rice AND toilet paper!! 😀

It will certainly be challenging for people who live in France’s big cities or areas where population density is high.  In Saint-Chinian we should be OK – people are pretty well spaced apart to begin with, and if contact is limited so should be the spread of the virus.

Last Tuesday morning, as I took a quick walk around my garden, my eye was caught by the blooms on my tree peony.  Seeing the sparkling water drops on the gorgeous blooms brought a smile to my face!  I cut several stems to bring home with me, so I could admire them for a few days.  I hope you’ll enjoy them too!

So, it might be au revoir for a little while.  Rest assured, I’ll write again as soon as inspiration strikes or whenever I feel I have something worth telling you about!  Until then, stay well and safe, and smile! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Smile!  😀

  1. absolutely beautiful! My peonies are still a few months away from blooming here in Northern Minnesota. Stay healthy! Stay home! Myself – I’m under a self imposed home stay that began Monday of this week. Living alone, I keep busy in my country home and on my 10 acres, which currently is under still 3 feet of snow.

    Good luck to our beautiful world!

    Bonnie Peterson
    Two Harbors, MN

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    • Thank you, Sheree! Peonies are so gorgeous, even as they are fading. It’s a shame about the tougher restrictions, but in the face of indiscipline and risk-taking more action is needed. It’s a shame that a few thoughtless people are making things more difficult for the rest of us. But it’ll be over at some point!! 🙂

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  2. Wonderful photos Andreas and thank you for spreading a sense of calm and optimism.We cannot wait to be back in St Chinian.
    Best wishes
    David and Francoise

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    • Hi David, Thanks so much for commenting – I feel pretty good about staying at home, but then being in the sticks makes it much easier! I would find it more difficult if I had to be in a small flat in a Paris suburb! But there’s nothing wrong of looking at the bright side of things…


  3. Could you repost your favourite posrs….I know they are available to find but remind us what we will see next time we are in the Minervois…I will.miss St Chinian at Easter…usually my first trip of the year from England….bon chance I love to read and share your posts.
    I’d like to buy you a coffee and chat next time I am there. Bon chance and keep writing.

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  4. We are lucky to live in the countryside. I feel for people confined to tiny apartments with small children. This should be a time for getting on with those projects we have been putting off, but somehow I find it difficult to settle to anything. Good luck with your cookbook. I shall look forward to that. Stay safe and well.

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    • Yes, we’re very lucky in the countryside! We have that much more space and the green spaces are just on our doorstep! I’ve not gotten bored yet, but I’ve also not had a chance to open my cookbook file!! 🙂 Still, this confinement won’t be over in a hurry, will it?

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