It’s the little things

We’re well into week two of confinement, and so far I’m doing just fine with it!

  • Having a routine and sticking to it helps.
  • Not being on my own helps.
  • Having the garden to work in helps.
  • Being allowed to go out for short walks in the countryside helps.
  • Cooking and eating delicious meals make for variety and definitely helps.
  • Knowing that the shops are open and fairly well stocked helps.

I could add to this list, but you can tell that I’m counting my blessings!!  🙂

For a long time now, I have written my articles at the beginning of the week, sent them to Annie, who checked them for any errors (and she always found some!!), and then I posted the articles on Fridays on the blog.  After last Friday’s post, and with the drama of the Covid-19 crisis unfolding all around us, I didn’t think I had anything meaningful to write about.  But then I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, and I changed my mind!

I had taken my camera with me, but when I wanted to take my first picture I found that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in its slot.  So I resigned myself to not take any pictures.  My walk started behind the cooperative winery in Saint-Chinian and took me along the Chemin de Sorteilho.  After a while, I headed down a track on the left which brought me to the Chemin des Gazels (you can find the route on google maps!).  When I reached the Chemin des Gazels I turned left and headed back towards the village.

had observed many beautiful flowers along my walk, but what really struck me was that there was a clarity in the air, which was all to do with the absence of noise.  I could hear the sound of my footsteps, the sound of birdsong, some rustling in the bushes, the sound of my own breathing when I walked up a steep incline, the sound of water in a hidden brook.  But there was no noise from planes, from traffic, from agricultural machinery or from any other human activity!  It felt somewhat eerie but also incredibly peaceful!!

It was after that realisation that I happened upon a white lavender plant in full flower.  I knew Lavandula Stoechas only as a plant with purple blue flowers, so I was thrilled to see one with white flowers.  And that’s when I remembered that my phone had a built-in camera!! 😉

After that, I took a few more pictures which I’ll share with you below, but for me the essence of the walk lay in observing the little things that were all around me.  I really enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of that moment in time!


13 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. And all this within the allowed 1 km of your (and our) home ;). We’re keeping ourselfs busy with some bricolage and emptying boxes, but also enjoying our roofterrace! Today we saw not 1 but 2 swallows……does that make it (almost) a summer? Good luck, see you soon.

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    • Pretty much, although I might have strayed a little outside the circle??!! The swallows have arrived pretty early – I saw a couple around the time the lockdown started, but our postie friend had seen some before then!
      Good luck with the unpacking!!


  2. We do so enjoy your midihideaway blogs reminds us of the several holidays we have had in St Chinian already and hopefully we will be back next year Thank you Jayne and Ed Mansfield

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    • Hi Jayne and Ed, thanks so much for your message, it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the posts, and that you’re planning another visit to Saint-Chinian!! We’ll need all the visitors who want to come!! 🙂


  3. I’m with you on this whole isolation thing. I’m loving it, but like you living in a beautiful part of the world and having everything else like a nice garden etc puts things into perspective. I’m sure I wouldn’t be feeling the same if I was in some inner city high-rise.
    Stay safe and I’ll catch you when we all get out of isolation!

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    • I would definitely feel differently about it if I had to live in a small apartment in a high rise some place. But I think even there, people are finding resources and inner strengths they didn’t know they had.


  4. Good to know you are well! We have taken also the “opportunity” in order to do a lot of work in the garden and of course the house!! We also consider ourselves lucky to leave in a nice property in the countryside with a huge garden!! The only negative part is that we cannot see our friends…… Keep well,
    Philippe and Andonis

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  5. Lovely photos. You are so right that you notice things in the silence. We went for a walk down our lane to the regulation 1 km point. I took the camera with me and snapped pix of the environs that I have never taken before! I plan to blog about it, too.


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