A picture a month

Back in the last century, in 1999 (remember those days?? 😉 ), I worked on a calendar project with a friend.  She was a professional photographer and I had some computer skills, and so we pooled our skills and resources to produce a calendar illustrated with photographs taken in and of the area.  The calendars were sold to visitors and locals alike – they were very popular!  It was a very enjoyable but one-off project.

Many years later, in 2008, I made a photo calendar for a friend, just a one-off for a Christmas present.  That started a tradition which is still going!  For the past eleven years I have produced a calendar each year, using photographs taken mostly around the area.  I have only ever had a small number of them printed, and I have given the calendars as Christmas presents to friends and family.

A recent conversation with one of my brothers sparked the idea of sharing some of these calendars with you.  Here’s the background to the story: The management team of the nursing home where my brother works, recently decided that they needed new pictures on the walls.  My brother had kept all the calendars from over the years, and he felt that these were just the pictures that were needed!  So the calendars were cut up, the pictures framed and hung up all over the place.  My brother now sees reminders of Saint-Chinian throughout the building!

Here are the pictures from that very first calendar in 2009:

2009 calendar cover

The cover

Landscape near Saint-Chinian

Barrel Cellar, Domaine des Jougla, Prades sur Vernazobre

Pear blossoms, Saint-Chinian

Calla Lily, Saint-Chinian

Redcurrants, Saint-Chinian

Echinacea flowers, Saint-Chinian

Geese, Le Bouys, near Minerve

Casa Milo, Barcelona, Spain

Artemis tinctoria, Saint-Chinian

Vine leaf, near Saint-Chinian

Windmill on the hill above Saint-Chinian

Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA

The pictures from Barcelona and Colorado were the odd ones out in 2009 – I’d visited both places the previous year, which is why the photographs made it into the calendar!

I’ll be making another calendar this year – I don’t think there’ll be any pictures of far-flung places in it! 🙂


14 thoughts on “A picture a month

  1. What a lovely idea! And gorgeous photos. I don’t think any of us will be going to far-flung places this year, except virtually! Thanks for treating us to these lovely pictures.

    And a huge round of applause for your brother and his dedication.

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  2. I too enjoyed the photos and the message with them.. Both are beautiful in every way, as is usual with your blog! Always something to look forward to and all the more so in the current situation the whole world is facing.
    For quite a few years my husband Rob produced photographic calendars for ourselves and family and friends. The finished product was handed over at Christmas and became a tradition right from the very first one. The photos were always of our dog Brock, a black labrador, now 12 years old and in good health other than some arthritis – much like his owners. The production ran out of steam last Christmas as we were simply too short of time and decided to pretend that the “star” of the photos was on strike over pay and conditions! Of course Brock will happily strike a pose any time and it remains to be seen as to whether the tradition resumes this year or not.
    Please keep sharing your photos and thoughts whenever you can. We’ll be waiting …

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