It’s virtually Easter!

We’re in our fourth week of lockdown in France!  With lockdowns in place in numerous countries worldwide, it will mean that many people will be celebrating Easter this year very differently compared to previous years!  The churches will be closed, large family gatherings are out of the question, and even family walks are restricted.  I’ll be taking it in my stride, but I feel for those whose lives are being disrupted by being confined to their homes!

I’ll be following some of my Easter traditions such as dyeing hard-boiled eggs:

baking Hot Cross Buns:

and baking a cake in the shape of a lamb:

I will probably prepare Easter lunch using lamb, though this time I won’t leave the shopping to the last minute, as I did back in 2012!! 🙂  You can read my story of that Easter lunch here.

The town of Perpignan won’t be holding its traditional Good Friday procession, but you can have a look at what you’ll be able to see next time you visit around Easter!

Traditionally, families in our area of France (and perhaps in other areas of France too?) will go for a walk on Easter Monday to pick wild asparagus for the Easter omelette.  This year being different, perhaps the omelette may have to be made with bought asparagus, but I’m sure the traditional omelette will be eaten!!

Do you have any Easter traditions you’d like to share?

11 thoughts on “It’s virtually Easter!

    • Hi LaVaughn, that’s a thought that hadn’t occurred to me, being on your own in this situation is very akin to solitary confinement! We do have all the bells and whistles where the internet is concerned, but it does not replace real-life human interaction!
      Stay safe and healthy!!


  1. When our sons were small (and possibly not so small!) we always used to set an Easter Egg hunt, using the tiny eggs one can buy. Sometimes, an egg would turn up months later. I love hot cross buns so we will often start buying, and eating them, as soon as mince pies have disappeared from the shelves. The last few years, we have always spent Easter in our home in Castelnaudary. Sadly, not this Easter…

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  2. When I was a “believer” I used to give up chocolate for Lent, then pig out on all the chocolate I had accumulated over the weeks, plus all the Easter eggs received! Despite this binge chocomania, it never put me off chocolate!


  3. I am catching up, having been unaccountably busy during lockdown. We threw ourselves into getting the house and garden straight. Now they are immaculate, with no one to see them but us! Easter was certainly a rather muted affair this year. I felt sorry for people who were deprived of church services, and, of course, anyone having to spend it on their own. The Perpignan procession looks interesting. We don’t have anything like that around here, to my knowledge.

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    • Glad to hear that you’ve been busy, Vanessa!! I don’t know where my days go – they almost seem to fly past!! The gardens will be looking great, especially with the rain we’ve been having here!!
      I think the Perpignan procession is fairly unique, I know of nothing else like it!

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