From here to you

You might have planned a visit to France and to Saint-Chinian which may have had to be cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on travel.  If you can’t come to Saint-Chinian in the immediate future, then perhaps Saint-Chinian can come to you??  There are a number of ways to bring some of the essentials from this part of southern France to your home, wherever you may be right now.

With the music festival in July having had to be postponed until next year, the organisers are planning a virtual festival.  In the meantime, you can watch some clip of past concerts on the youtube channel – please subscribe to the channel and comment/like on the individual videos!!

If your local wine merchant does not stock your favourite Saint-Chinian wine, they may be able to order it in for you.  If they are not able to order it for you then don’t despair, help may be at hand!!  Espace Vin and Maison des Vins in Saint-Chinian both offer shipping and all the wines are sold at producer’s prices.  Espace Vin is set up for a variety of different overseas destination in their online shop, for the Maison des Vins you may have to ask.

Veronique Etienne at Chateau La Dournie has set up her own online shop – you can visit it here.

If you are interested in the wines of Saint-Chinian but don’t need to re-stock your cellar right now, you might enjoy this book:

It is available from the Maison des Vins and it is a great read.  Written in French and English, it presents a wealth of information about the Saint-Chinian wine region, its wines, and its winemakers! The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs taken by the Maison des Vins’ Gaylord Burguiere!!

Paul Lappin is a very talented artist who has spent lots of time in Saint-Chinian.  His drawings are available as prints in a variety of formats.  You could also commission Paul to draw your favourite view for you!  More information can be found on Paul’s Instagram feed or on his own website.  Below are a few of Paul’s pictures:

The olive cooperative L’Oulibo in Bize Minervois has an on-line shop, and they will ship abroad.  If your country of residence is not showing in the delivery options, just send them an e-mail with your requirements.

Fabrics are something that’s very easy to ship!  I stopped at the shop of Les Toiles de la Montagne Noire in Mazamet back in February.  It’s a bit of an Aladdin’s cave, piled high with all kinds of wonderful goodies, all of them made locally!  I bought some linen material to make napkins with.  I fell in love with their fabrics when I saw their stand at the Fete du Fil in Labastide Rouairoux a good many years ago.  You can read my post about that fete here.

So there you have it – a bit of retail therapy or something to add to your “to do” list for your next visit!  Feel free to share your favourite Saint-Chinian shopping experience in the comments section!

12 thoughts on “From here to you

  1. It looks like the lead photo could have been taken from Le Puits! Wish we could be in St. Chinian right now, as we were scheduled to be!

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    • I’m sure it must have been bittersweet to look at those views of Saint-Chinian!! But there will be a time when you’ll be able to travel again – in the not too distant future I hope!!


  2. Andreas,
    Living as I do a few miles from NY city, being holed up in my house with my daughter who is fortunately able to work from home, watching Spring happening in all its glory, it is your Friday message that lights up our week.
    With everything you have around you, one of the things I loved while at La Rive was crossing the bridge and going to look at the amazing array of veg and flowers at the allotments.
    Everything in France looks like the original. The dogs, the cows, the veg, the flowers are all huge and medieval. Not tampered with, not hybridized. How lucky you are and how lucky we are to have your piece each Friday. Thank you
    I’m going into that fabric store. Love fabric. Take care. Patty Carrigan

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    • Hi Patty,
      Lovely to hear from you and to know that you are keeping well!! For as long as I will be able to get out and about even a little bit, I’ll not run out of things to write about…


  3. Andreas Bonjour. Very informative. I was discussing shipping with the Maison du Vin last year when out of the blue grandson Josh turned up in a car. The shipping became free! But your blog has reminded me. Christine bought me the Terroir book for Xmas. there are some good shots especially the off the wall family pics. There is a but. One has to search for the location of each domaine. It’s a pain that the locations are not part of the bold headings. We hope that you are surviving…we are …remarkably easily. We have still not been inside or outside a shop for 6 weeks plus. Not sure I understand yet the slackening in France but I hope you approve Much love to you two C&P


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  4. Lieber Andreas, es gelingt uns leider nicht, beim Maison du vin ein Bestellkonto einzurichten, wir haben alles versucht, aber das Formular ist idiotisch kompliziert. Gerne hätte ich drei Kisten von Jougla in Prades bestellt ( Les Tuileries).
    Herzlichen Gruß

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  5. Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival went virtual last weekend. It was enjoyable, but I spent too much on yarn. I buy soap every year and tried a new vendor. By Sunday night, I had a roaring headache. I still prefer the real thing.

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    • The real thing is definitely the best – especially where buying things is concerned. Nothing beats touching fabrics or smelling soaps to know what they may be like. Virtual is the next best thing for now, but we’ll get back to the real thing, I’m sure!


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