Oldies but goodies

Last Sunday night there was a good deal of excitement in an otherwise sleepy St Chinian!  The Rally Monte Carlo was stopping off in the village!  Now before you get too excited – it was not the rally everyone has heard of, but the classic car version!  The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique, as it is officially called, aims to recreate the look and feel of the Rallies of the 60’s and 70’s and they are doing a pretty good job!  The Rally starts in five different European cities:  Copenhagen, Glasgow, Reims, Warsaw and Barcelona, and over 300 cars will meet up at Valence, for the final two legs to Monaco.  I can’t begin to imagine what that must be like, already the just over 50 cars in St Chinian felt like never-ending excitement.  There was a good number of Renault Alpines, Porsches, Golfs but some other cars of which I’d never heard of (can you tell that I’m not a car-nut?).  Most of them looked pretty interesting, and the roar of an old Porsche engine has something special about it. If you want to read a little more about the event you can click here.  If cars aren’t really your thing then you might not want to drool over the pictures which follow :-). Don’t ask me what they are though, I can just about identify the Mini Cooper, Beetle, Porsche and Alfa Romeo, but the rest…  And if you are crazy about old cars then you may want to mark your diary – it’ll probably come through town again next year!

IMG_1037 IMG_1050 IMG_6897 IMG_1051 IMG_6911 IMG_6883 IMG_1068 IMG_1085 IMG_1072 IMG_6909 IMG_6870 IMG_1071 IMG_6862 IMG_1069 IMG_1093 IMG_1099 IMG_1100 IMG_1106 IMG_6932